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Bluetooth Ambie Sound - Showerbuds

Bluetooth Ambie Sound - Showerbuds

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How It Works?

Enjoy the perfect shower with Ambie Sound Showerbuds. These showerproof earbuds effortlessly pair with your Bluetooth-enabled devices, granting you the freedom to stream music and answer calls wirelessly while you indulge in a refreshing shower.

With a durable design built to withstand water pressure, our earbuds offer seamless functionality and superior sound quality, making your shower sessions an oasis of relaxation and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the bone-conduction technology work?

Bone-conduction earbuds rely on sound being transmitted through vibrations on the bones of the head and jaw. The sounds from these headphones bypass the eardrum and relays sound directly to the inner ear, protecting your eardrums from the damage caused by most headphones.

2. How do the earbuds feel on the ear? Will they fall off?

Nope! These earbuds are specifically designed to grip the outer part of the ear so they will not fall off. You will hardly feel the Showerbuds when wearing them because of their lightweight and bone-conduction design.

3. Do they connect to iPhone and Android?

Yes! The earbuds work with any smart phone with Bluetooth functionality.

4. Can you receive phone calls?

Yes! You can receive phone calls and speak directly with the Showerbuds’ built-in microphone.

5. Do these earbuds run out of battery quickly?

Nope! With 6 hours of music time to keep you dancing, you will never worry about our earbuds dying on you. 

6. Can you swim with Showerbuds?

Not yet! Showerbuds are built to withstand water exposure during regular shower use, but should not be fully submerged in water. If you want earbuds for swimming or surfing, soon we release!

Shipping Information

All orders will be fulfilled within 2 business days of placing the order. Please note that business days do exclude any holidays.

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Worldwide: (8-10 business days)

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Built To Last

Immerse yourself in a world of seamless music with Ambie Sound - Showerbuds.

These revolutionary waterproof earbuds are designed to keep the beats flowing, ensuring your favorite tunes accompany you in all your water escapades.

Whether you're swimming in the pool, dancing in the rain, or showering after a workout, these earbuds will deliver crystal-clear sound and a secure fit, so you
can move to the rhythm without missing a beat. Take your music wherever water takes you with Ambie
Sound - Showerbuds!

Safety Guaranteed.

The Showerbuds are not only designed for exceptional performance but also prioritize your safety. With a CE certification, these earbuds have undergone rigorous testing to meet the highest quality and safety standards. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that our earbuds are thoroughly vetted, ensuring they are safe to use during your showers and comply with all relevant regulations.

Give It A Try

The Showerbuds are specifically designed for shower use! Go ahead and take an extra-long shower, our earbuds are up to the challenge!

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